"Teddy Perkins" is the sixth episode of Atlanta: Robbin' Season. It is the sixteenth episode of the series overall. It premiered on April 5, 2018.[1] It was written by Donald Glover and directed by Hiro Murai.[2]

Official description Edit

Darius is trippin in this one. Y'all know I woulda been left.[2]


Darius goes on a trip to pick up a free multi-colored key piano that he found on a message board and arrives at the mansion of a man with very pale skin and mask-like face named Teddy Perkins (portrayed by Donald Glover). Teddy reveals that he is the brother of famous pianist Benny Hope, who he also takes care of due to him being photosensitive and wheelchair bound. While waiting, Darius explores the mansion, growing increasingly unnerved by Teddy's behavior and a museum honoring his abusive father. Eventually, Darius finally gets the piano, but is taken to the basement in the mansion's elevator and encounters Benny, who tells him to get a shotgun that is stored in the attic on a chalkboard. When given the chance to finally leave with the piano, it turns out that Teddy blocked the loading dock of Darius' moving truck and Darius is forced to confront Teddy when he hears a loud noise coming from inside the house. Teddy ends up holding Darius hostage with the gun, explaining he plans to kill him and make it look like a home invasion. Unfortunately, his plan fails when Benny comes up out of the elevator and proceeds to shoot Teddy and then himself with help from Darius. The episode ends with the piano being taken by the police and Darius driving away.

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