"Paper Boi" is the self-titled song by Atlanta rapper, Paper Boi.

Lyrics Edit

Paper Boi, Paper Boi
All about that paper, boy
Got a team to serve a fiend
From Cali to Decatur, boy
Stack it
That paper boy, paper boy
All about that paper, boy
I keep a ting
Uh, yeah

Paper Boi, Paper Boi (Boi)
Always 'bout that paper, boy (That's right)
If you ain't on your grind (No)
Then you flexin', you's a hater, boy (You's a hater)
Paper Boi, Paper Boi (Damn)
Always gettin' paper, boy (I'm gettin' paper)
If ain't makin' money
Then you ain't a money maker, boy (Nah! Nah!)
Paperclip, paperclip (Nah)
Yeah I need a paperclip
I'm stackin' up this paper, man
And I could make that paper flip (Wooh)
That paper flip, paper flip (Flip it)
Watch me make that paper flip (And flip it)
Then head to Magic City (Yeah)
And I bet that paper make her strip (I love the strip)
Paper man, Paper man
Catch me in the paper, man (Wooh)
Like Wallstreet Journal, yeah
Cause I be gettin' paper, man (Read it)
Paper man, Paper man
Yeah I'm be gettin' paper, man