"North of the Border" is the ninth episode of Atlanta: Robbin' Season. It is the nineteenth episode of the series overall. It premiered on April 26, 2018.[1] It was written by Jamal Olori and directed by Hiro Murai.[2]

Official description Edit

We might have to make that move tonight. I heard there's a pajama party and Paper Boi is gonna be there.[2]


The episode begins with Earn, Alfred and Darius preparing to leave for a show in Statesboro. Instead of a hotel, however, Earn has arranged for them to stay with Violet, a college student with connections to the event who is also a big fan of Paper Boi. Despite protests from Earn, Tracy also tags along as a bodyguard. Upon arriving at the dorm and settling in, Violet demonstrates her borderline obsession with Alfred by offering him to lie with her on her bed, then intimately describing an unsettling sexual dream about them together. That evening, after the performance at the Pajama Jam, Earn notices that Tracy is taking his job as a security guard too seriously, worrying him. This is confirmed when Tracy pushes Violet down a flight of stairs after she spills her drink on Alfred simply for talking to another woman. Earn manages to save her, but is slapped in the face as a reward, prompting him to leave with Alfred and Darius. Despite Earn's best efforts to defuse the situation with Violet's brother, Tracy punches him out, forcing them to escape the scene. Searching for a way off campus, the smell of weed by Darius directs the group to a fraternity house, where one of the frat boys, Prescott, invites them inside for more marijuana. As Tracy and Darius leave to check out the house's gun room, Prescott confesses his love for snap music and Dirty South hip-hop, including Paper Boi, to Alfred, and proves his point by forcing a group of naked pledges to dance to D4L's "Laffy Taffy". After Prescott and the pledges leave, Alfred finally confronts Earn for his poor decicion-making as a manager and considers dismissing him from his post, intent on finding someone new. The next morning, the group finally returns to Violet's dorm, only to find their car has been broken into, their luggage is on the front lawn, and their clothes have been cut up. Discovering that his laptop is missing, Earn desperately tries to break into Violet's dorm room to the point of pulling the fire alarm, but ultimately relents. On the ride home, Tracy remarks on Earn's futile attempt at breaking and entering, and playfully shoots him with a flintlock pistol he stole from the frat house. Finally fed up with Tracy's recklessness, Earn orders Alfred to pull over in order to fight him. Alfred reluctantly does so, but Earn proves to be no match for Tracy's size and strength. The episode ends with everyone getting back inside the car, contemplating everything that has happened.

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