"Crabs in a Barrel" is the eleventh and final episode of Atlanta: Robbin' Season. It is the twenty-first episode of the series overall. It premiered on May 10, 2018.[1] It was written by Stephen Glover and directed by Hiro Murai.[2]

Official description Edit

Sometimes you gotta go where the money goes. But it be feeling like something is holding me back. Like I can't leave.[2]


The episode begins with Earn and Lottie riding in a Lyft vehicle. Earn gets annoyed when the driver refuses to listen to her GPS, since he is late for a meeting and has never been to their destination before. Upon arriving, Earn and Lottie meet Alfred in the office of an entertainment lawyer named Christian. After telling them his resume, he agrees to represent Paper Boi in exchange for five percent of his earnings. Al refuses and advises Earn to find another lawyer, preferably Jewish. Earn and Lottie later arrive at Alfred's house in a moving truck in order to help pack for an upcoming European tour. Alfred reminds Earn that he still hasn't gotten rid of Willie's gun, while Darius' passport has expired and he needs to get it renewed before they leave, to Earn's frustration. Earn and Lottie then attend a parent-teacher conference with Van at Lottie's school. The teacher praises Lottie's exceptional intelligence and recommends enrolling her at the more prestigious Holy Oak Academy. When Earn questions the tuition fee and wonders why Lottie simply can't stay where she is, her teacher openly admits the public school is awful and compares it to a slaughterhouse. Afterwards, Earn agrees to stay in touch with Lottie while on tour and parts with Van on somewhat good terms. Once back at Alfred's house, Earn is shocked to find that one of the movers, Kenny, has brought his sons over and they are all still on lunch break. Already behind schedule, Earn offers the movers 50 more dollars to work faster and fetches Darius to get his new passport, even though he hasn't packed for the trip yet. While Darius fills out paperwork at the renewal office, the Jewish receptionist asks Earn about his job as Paper Boi's manager and suggests hiring his cousin as their lawyer. Earn asks if there is an African-American lawyer with a similar position, and while the receptionist does not deny there is, he also admits they don't have the same amount of connections as his cousin. Earn then receives a text from Van saying that she plans to move back in with her mom along with Lottie, and is devastated. He worries that Alfred will abandon him as well, though Darius assures him Alfred will always take care of his family, but at the same time doesn't want Earn to let him down. Back at Al's house, Earn informs Alfred that the movers are finished packing. The trio (minus Earn) smoke some weed while waiting for a Lyft to the airport. That night, Earn and company meet up with Clark County at the airport. While Darius opts out of the security checkpoint, Earn is shocked to find Willie's gun is still in his bag and quietly replaces it with an identical bag belonging to another passenger. On the plane, Alfred informs Earn that he saw him with the gun, but chose not to tell TSA, explaining that no matter what happens, Earn is his family and they both genuinely care for each other. Alfred also notices that Clark's manager, Lucas, is missing, having been apprehended by TSA for hiding a familiar firearm in his bag. Earn then reveals he actually hid the gun in Clark's bag, who then transferred it to Lucas'. The episode ends with Tracy knocking on Alfred's door, completely unaware that he has moved out.

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