"Barbershop" is the fifth episode of Atlanta: Robbin' Season. It is the fifteenth episode of the series overall. It premiered on March 29, 2018. It was written by Stefani Robinson and directed by Donald Glover.[1]

Official description Edit

You know how you need a fresh cut but your barber is always on some wack stuff? He's lucky I only trust him.[1]


The episode begins with Alfred visiting his local barbershop to get a haircut before a photo shoot. Unfortunately, his barber Bibby only partially cuts Alfred's hair before calling someone on his headset and turning his attention elsewhere. As Alfred waits for his barber, Bibby returns, explaining his girlfriend needs his help and drags Paper Boi along with him. Once at his girlfriend's house, Bibby lies that Alfred is a magician due to his barber cape and cuts her son's hair. She questions his inability to pay their bills, prompting Bibby and Alfred to leave when the power goes out. On the ride back, Bibby offers to make up for lost time by treating Alfred to lunch at Zaxby's. Instead, they arrive at a house still under construction, where Bibby steals some lumber from the site. Unfortunately, the house's owner shows up and accuses them of theft, prompting Bibby and Alfred to leave once again. While driving, Bibby spots three teenage boys and gives chase. One of them is revealed to be his son, who chose to skip school with his friends. He quickly recognizes Paper Boi and mocks his unfinished haircut, prompting Alfred to lecture him on how celebrities have lives of their own. As Bibby continues to reprimand his son, his distracted driving causes them to rear-end a pregnant woman. With warrants for Bibby and Paper Boi on probation, the barber is forced to commit a hit and run. When they finally return to the barbershop, Alfred threatens Bibby into finishing his haircut, then angrily refuses to tip him afterwards. The episode ends some time later, when Alfred returns to get his hair cut by a different barber, only to realize he doesn't know what his usual style is.

References Edit

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