Alfred 'Paper Boi' Miles is an up-and-coming rapper from Atlanta.

History Edit

Early history Edit

Not much is known about Alfred's past.

First season Edit

Alfred grew up with his cousin Earn in Atlanta, Georgia. The two haven't seen each other since Alfred's mother passed away. It wasn't until Earn found out that Alfred was getting some attention in the Atlanta rap scene as a rapper known as "Paper Boi" that Earn finally talked or actually visited his cousin since their last encounter. Alfred is hesitant at first about letting Earn be his manager as he believes that Earn is just using him as a way to better his life instead of actually helping Alfred become more successful. Earn proves himself to be a decent manager to Alfred over the course of the first season by getting his single "Paper Boi" played on the radio, getting him an appearance on the "Montague" show, and Alfred even gets an offer to go on tour with rapper Senator K at the first season finale. For proving himself to be a manager that Alfred can trust, Alfred pays Earn and tells him he did "good".

Personality Edit

As an up-and-coming rapper, Alfred struggles to understand the difference between real life and street life.

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